The Story of a Stone

Post Date: July 26th, 2013


The Story of a Stone
by Jean DiMotto

My father was an 
edgy, craggy rock who
calved off a low mountain

Like his father he was
multi-hued gray granite
stately, quiet, still

My father bounced and
rolled, skidded and slowed
splashing into a small creek

There he rested while
the clear water washed
ev’ry nook of his body

Some years before 
my mother had slid gracefully 
to a nearby spot

Her mother lived upstream
the wise matriarch of
a clan of smooth stones

My mother was round
with a glistened glow from years 
within the creek’s flow

Though shallow the creek
my mother was deep in a
soulful, thoughtful way

There came a time when
my father grew restless and
explored his new home

As destiny unfolded
he bumped into a
round and lustrous stone

Immediately smitten
he wooed that kitten
and asked her to play

They frolicked, tumbled
jostled, jumbled and that is
how I came to be

They nestled in a 
charming home warmed by the sun 
and enduring love

Six other smooth stones
and seven craggy rocks were
born of my parents

They gave us
stability, solidity and
a soft light within

They taught us our place
in a universe great
our contribution of

Stillness, observance
witness, endurance and 
an inner radiance 

Copyright 2013 by Jean DiMotto 

This poem was first published in the Spring 2013 issue of From the Depths, a quarterly journal from Haunted Waters Press.